Plains and Simple Seasons 4x update 3 by Stevie LS17

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Plains and Simple Seasons 4x update 3 by Stevie LS17

Small fix to the Jenz gold nugget location and to the long cow troughs ground marker. I have overwritten the original google drive file with this so it uses the same link as yesterday.

Note 1: If you downloaded the public release yesterday this fix today can be used with the public version gamesave without restarting.

Note 2: Make sure you start a new game save with this the old normal size plains and simple save and the test map save are incompatible with this public release.

Note 3: A mod or users trying to use an old version vehicle.xml file I am unsure which is causing problems with the wool pallets spawning(giving an area is blocked message) my pallets in my are working fine see pic.

Many thanks to all who helped out over the last 24hrs testing the map. Seasons, servers, course play and gps all tested fine and all the small issues were addressed. Some small suggested changes were also added or completed for the map.

Unzip the downloaded file and place the map zip into your mods folder and load the game it will force a new save on you to prevent the test map save being used.

The map features:
New 4x map size upgrade, Seasons ready, Straw Addon ready, GMF mod, multifruits, chopped straw, GTX mods water trough mod, has many installed production mods, dirt and terrain mod, dynamic sky, custom textures and storage, medium to very large square fields, large natural forestry area, large sawmill area, gold nuggets, pallet movers with autosell points and more. Includes my Kotte Multi Tanker mod which when placed into your mods folder can be purchased in the misc section of the store. Have fun with it.

Design, layout, textures and all Storage stores, Farm Silo, Plants and Tree nursery\'s, Flour Mill, Bio Pro, Manure Separator, GreenHouses, Compost bagging and all forestry installs Stevie, Farmer_Andys 2015 mod conversions Stevie with permission. GTX mods water trough mod, Extra 3D models Luke_BK. Further scripts, models and installs; Marhu, Farmer_Andy, KevinK98, Ifkonator, Kastor, Blacksheep, Nils23, Webalizer, FSModding, the guys who did the dynamic sky mod and Eisberg without whom the maps would not be as much fun to play. The Facebook page users all who helps test the map in a very short time frame. All the rest Giants Software.
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