Norge Crest Valley 17 V 2.6 Seasons & ChoppedStraw FS2017

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Norge Crest Valley 17 V 2.6 Seasons & ChoppedStraw FS2017

NorgeCrest Valley 17 v1.0 / CoppedStraw & Animated Pet Tables

Hello dear friends of the LS 17,
here also from me a conversion of the Goldcrest Valley. It is not a Norgeholm, but a nice new or converted map with lots of news. 😉
And here are a few dates, what has been changed or rebuilt.
NorgeCrest Valley Changelog 17 v1.0 (The map was extensively tested in the SP and on the Dedi and the log is error free.
* ChoppedStraw incl. The necessary textures.
* Animated animal feeders for pigs, sheep and cows, so that the animals also drink water there.
* The farm was enlarged and partially rebuilt.
* Cow pasture moved to the yard.
* Sheep pasture moved to the yard.
* Animated gates at the cow and sheep pasture. Thus, among other things grass can be mowed there.
* Laundry including Kärcher installed at the yard.
* Seed, mineral fertilizer and liquid fertilizer tank installed in the yard.
* A medium and a small Lizard vehicle hall including new MP-enabled Niggels lighting installed on the yard.
* Wolf’s system biomass and vehicle hall installed in the yard.
* Hoftankstelle installed at the yard.
* Additional fruit varieties added to all silos and Railroad Mill – see explanation.
* Both trains are rebuilt so that they can load and unload the additional fruit varieties as well.
* Additional timber loading crane installed on the track next to field 8.
* Main street leading to the courtyard provided with street lighting.
* The yard silo and the passage silo in the yard were also equipped with lighting.
* The farm itself also received a few lights in some places.
* All fields have been preserved and have not been a victim of animal grazing.
* In the places where the cow and sheep grazing were before, now each has created a large grassy area. So much more space where you can place placeable mods or just use the meadows for grass mowing.
* And anything else I forgot to mention. 😉

Explanation of additional types of fruit:
At the following locations – Hofsilo, Central Transport Hub, Goldcrest Pacific Grain and Maple Field pool can be the fruit of wheat, canola, corn, barley, sunflower and soybeans , now additionally also potato, sugar beet and wood chips are loaded or unloaded.
In addition to wheat, barley, oilseed rape, corn, sunflowers, soybeans, potatoes and sugar beet , the Railroad Mill can now also sell wood chips .
Both trains can load and / or unload the following fruits:
wheat, barley, oilseed rape, corn, sunflowers, soybeans, potatoes, sugar beets and wood chips .
Subsequent mods should be present in the mods, so you are missing at the beginning of the NorgeCrest

Valley 17 no buildings:
* The Multi Storage Shed to additionally store straw, grass, hay and pig feed.
* The vehicle shelter, the small and large vehicle hall of Lizard are GIANTS and were with me already and had to be downloaded in the Ls17 Mod menu only.
And now I wish you as much fun and enjoyment on the new NorgeCrest Valley as I have,

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