MultiOverlayV2 Hud Convert V 2.98 Beta FS17

FS 2017 Scripts

MultiOverlayV2 Hud Convert V 2.98 Beta FS17

Version 2.98 Beta
Added StorageHouse Script support
modType = “other” category = “stocks” rest as usual

The MultiOverlay V2 Hud LS17 Convert Mod should provide you with a quick information overview of some important features of the game.

Quick Overview:

Animals, UPK Objects, Greenhouses, Warehouses, BestPrices, FieldPrice, Bga, Silos, Placeable Objects, Map built objects, marhu FactoryScript Objects and much more about a comfortable miniPda Settings Menu * 3

Additionally there is a VehicleInspector (VI) ( picture ) you can use.

Please check the buglist before you report an error or have problems with something.

Support / Beta / Quick Bugfix / Developer versions are available here


optional artDesigns (needs the current ArtDesign Addon 1.5 or higher ) <— click
A big THANK YOU also to all testers who have extensively tested the new version for bugs, by the way supporting the mod or have agreed to their approval for a display implementation in this mod. Trozdem it can still come to errors, because the range of functions and the very different maps / mods just can not all be tested.

That it is a convert version, there is a detailed guide first here .

Clue please read. thx

preview next Version

v2.x "Little Mod Guide": see videos (LS15 MultiOverlayV2 Hud)

v2.96 changelog

v2.96 BugList


Various bugfixes
Added MCompanyFactory Script support (old factory script) (script by kevink98) – modType = “cf”
Added FarmSiloSystem Script support
Map Stappenbach support added
Added buyable object support (script by kevink98) -page1 switch 3
Instead of FillLevel also optional Fill% can be displayed or both (capacity must be available) (user request)
BugList: Fix Check Not Reproducible

Preview next version:

This mod version was as well as possible from me to LS17 Conventiert and innovations added. Due to the numerous innovations, could not be Conventiert everything and therefore needs some time. The most important is available and if the Mod Scripter should not change too much it should also run with the mods (FS, MixFeeder etc.) run. As a precaution, these things were not disabled. Everything that is unimportant or does not work was deactivated by me. There is a corresponding note or else nothing happens. Everything else will follow.

And God grant me forgiveness if I have overlooked something to deactivate and it comes to errors.

Hud files (link) from the user Landwirtschaft_der_ddr that you this provides.

Hud files (link) from the user Oelly who provides you with his.

Hud files (link) from the user Güllemax (FBM team) who make yours available to you.

Hud Files (Modhoster) from the user Güllemax (FBM team) who make yours available to you.

Hud Files (Modhoster) from the user THFalcon who provides his. NEW

Thank you on my part.

And if you do not like it should not load it

1.Publication only with original download link. NO replacement link

2. Altering and re-uploading is not permitted

Model: HappyLooser
Texture: HappyLooser
Script: HappyLooser
Idea / Concept: HappyLooser
Tester: many
Other: HappyLooser
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