MAZ 2000 v1.0 FS 2017

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MAZ 2000 v1.0 FS 2017

MAZ-2000 is a prototype of the modular long-distance road train of the Minsk Automobile Plant, which possesses unique technical solutions at the time of its creation.

Good day to all!
It’s time for another project from our team, which was created during six months – Modular MAZ-2000 road train. I want to note that this model was created exclusively by us and when it was created, historical accuracy was observed, if possible. In the kit there are also 3 modules (in the future we plan to increase their number) – the on-board platform with the option of installing silage strips in the store, the cattle truck equipped with ramp control panel and ventilation system, and the product body in three design options corresponding to the real ones.
The truck itself has 2 variants of design – 1986 and 1988 respectively, as well as trailed chassis, for the compilation of road trains with the same design options.

Truck Characteristics:
Two engines D2866, the total capacity of 580 hp.
Max. Speed ??- 105 km / h
Fuel tank capacity 350 liters
CAT – MAZ, dual-range, seven-speed.

Functionality of the instrument panel:
Analog Devices:
Fuel gauge
Oil pressure gauge
Engine temperature gauge
Brake system pressure indicator
Electronic displays:
Current time in Germany
Fuel consumption
Installed cruise control speed
Hours of use

Indicator lamps:
Head Light
High beam
Truck Lights
Discharging the battery
Shedding of candles
Low oil pressure
Low pressure in the braking system
Parking brake
Low fuel level
Active Cruise Control
Windscreen wipers
Ability to attach module / chassis
Impossibility of unhitching the module / chassis
Indicator of turned-on indicators

The gas pedal / brake pedal
Steering wheel
Switching off the head light for the engine starting time
Windscreen wipers
The switch of weight
Start button for the second engine
Traffic lights activation button
Alarm button
Head Light Switch
High beam driving button
The switch of turn signals
Cruise control switch
Wiper switch
Beep switch
Handbrake Handle

IR actions:
Backlighting of electronic displays
Brightness of illumination of electronic displays
Checking the operation of the indicator lamps
Light in the cockpit

Module characteristics:
Module Body – capacity – 28000 l [
Livestock module – capacity – Cows (6), Sheep (17), Pigs (14), Chickens (92)
Module Onboard platform – capacity – Standard (26500l), with patches (53000l).

AVSR Modding Team
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